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Your penis will become enlarged in both the flaccid and erect states, but especially in its genital erect state.

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Some men have claimed this gives them a larger penis, but some men have come forward to show the actual results.That creates little tears in the muscle walls, which heal overnight slightly larger than their original size.

Jelging is a penis enlargement exercise conducted by wrapping your felq tool around the base of your penis.

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The sole purpose of jelqing is to activate the veins in your penis which improves total blood flow.The main disadvantage of the manual jelq, is that you pull the skin of your penis more that the internal tissues.

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I stretch for 30 seconds in every direction possible in a hot shower.The whole point of penis enlargement is to have a bigger, stronger penis, not excess stretched out skin.Jelqing exercises are like regular exercises and need to be carried out on a daily basis.

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Jelqing is a dangerous stretch used by damaging the tissue of the penis in order to initiate the re-growth and enhancement of the tissue size to give the apperance of a larger penis.There is nothing advanced about it save for the kind of injury you can get.

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Just Follow the Instructions Given in The Video and You Will See Great Results.The Academy of Jelqing in Chestnut Hills, PA, has classes for very horny men who jelq each other and in many cases (most of them) way over into orgasms, so that the Academy classroom walls are covered with sperm.

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