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Normal human body temperature varies slightly from person to person and by the time of day.This means that in a person with a lower-than-expected body temperature, a fever spike of a few degrees could go undetected.Normal Body Temperature (BT) Normal BT is not a single temperature, but a range of temperatures influenced by age, time of day, and measurement site.

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Although it is commonly thought that 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is the average oral temperature for an adult, normal temperature can range from 97.1.Regardless, it is somewhere between 100 and 102 so I am happy about that.

Children, like adults, should avoid taking oral temperatures after drinking hot or cold.

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The normal body temperature of a person varies depending on gender, recent activity, food and fluid consumption, time of day, and, in women, the stage of the menstrual cycle.

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Your internal body temperature can be very reactive to your female hormonal state, making it lower or higher than normal.

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It is an important force because oxygen and nutrients would not be pushed around our circulatory system to nourish tissues and organs without blood pressure.

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Design A prospective four group comparative descriptive design was used to compare four cohorts: young adults in summer, older adults in summer, young adults in winter, and older adults in winter.But in some countries, the thermometer was placed in the armpit, where the temperature is a little lower than in the mouth.

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An oral temperature (TEM-per-ah-chur) is when the mouth is used to take your temperature.Temperature Assessment via the Temporal Artery: Validation of a New Method Arterial Heat Balance Thermometry at an Exposed Skin Site: Accuracy, Comfort, and Convenience for Patient and Clinician Abstract: There has in the past been no method of thermometry that is considered by patients and clinicians to be comfortable, convenient, and accurate.Body temperature may be abnormal due to fever (high temperature) or hypothermia (low temperature).

In children, a body temperature of 99.7 degrees F or higher measured using oral or armpit thermometer is considered fever.Since my normal oral temp is 96.8 degrees would a temp of 98.0 be a fever for me.Normal temperature was based on the average temperature of hundreds of people using mercury thermometers placed in the mouth.

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A temperature above 100.4, regardless of the normal range for an individual, is considered a universal sign of fever and suggests an illness.Fielder, DVM, MS, DACVP (Clinical Pathology), Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pathobiology, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences (CVHS), Oklahoma State University.

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In nursing home residents, the oldest were coldest and failed to demonstrate a diurnal rise in body temperature.

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The oral temperature is about that much lower and I have done this twice.

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